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Quarantäne-Str8ts Q185 vom 25.3.2021

Verfasst: Samstag 27. März 2021, 06:13
von Jens
It seems to be Andrews last Quarantine Str8ts.
In the name of all your fans I send to you many thanks for your additional Extremes.
Str8ts 2021-03-25 Q185.png
Str8ts 2021-03-25 Q185.png (52.13 KiB) 575 mal betrachtet

Re: Quarantäne-Str8ts Q185 vom 25.3.2021

Verfasst: Sonntag 28. März 2021, 17:26
von marianne
Dear Jens,
Thank you so much indeed!!! I am grateful for your conscentious, precise and reliable supervision. Please come back in some way if possible.

Re: Quarantäne-Str8ts Q185 vom 25.3.2021

Verfasst: Montag 29. März 2021, 05:42
von Jens
Dear marianne,

quarantine time isn't over in some countries. So in Germany too.

My main job was one of many Volkstanz leaderships in Munic. This was normally till last year. Every interested pair has to wait now until it again goes on.

To bridge this empty time, I was glad to have a chance in supervising Andrew's Quarantine Str8ts. But this is over now and the Extreme part of Str8ts are highly sophistic, which cost time and brain. Sorry, but it isn't very much left of them for me.

Since january I daily produce a german folk dance video together with my wife for my daily WhatsApp Status. That videos helps me and my friends, to hold much knowledge in our brains.

It was nice to meet you and others in this forum. Thank you for your engagement and have a good time.