New Year Special 2017

New Year Special 2017

Beitragvon hone » Sonntag 1. Januar 2017, 15:05

The following puzzle contains no hints. It is a rare pattern with only one structural solution (+ the complementary number solution of course). So all one has to do is to select a proper cell which cannot have the value 5 and put either the low values or the high values into it.

I highly recommend using H5 with the low values 1,2,3,4. Then the puzzle solves surprisingly easy; no chains are needed. The link also contains the H5=low solution.

ZeroHint01.png (4.85 KiB) 434-mal betrachtet

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Re: New Year Special 2017

Beitragvon z1000 » Dienstag 24. Januar 2017, 08:23

Sticky I'll be back

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